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3 min readDec 31, 2020
Goodbye 2020, Welcome 2021

FOLLOWME has grown incredibly rapidly. In 2020, we reached 659,613 users, amidst other highlights such as new product releases, reports, contests and other events. It’s been an amazing year.

To celebrate, here’s a countdown of the top 10 moments and conversations for the community in 2020. Thanks for being part of it.

  1. 659K Users
    Last year we saw an average of 500 users a week. This year that number doubled to 1000 users a week, a leap that was unexpected but well intended.
  2. Global Reach
    We have comfortably spread our wings globally this year and the top countries to welcome us are Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, the United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Pakistan, Australia and Philippines.
    This signal sharing system bridges the gap between valuable information and transaction execution in the trading market. By converting the order signals of traders worldwide, COPYTRADE can quickly and automatically execute transactions in your account. In 2020 the number of users grew exponentially, we had 78772 signups, 29500 connected accounts, 28878 COPYTRADE users and 622 signals being shared.
  4. FOLLOWME 5.0
    In our fifth year, 2020 saw a new interface and new experience for FOLLOWME users. Version 5.0 has greatly improved the user experience of obtaining information and filter trading signals in terms of interface interaction and technical framework. With the flat information structure, functions are presented in plates vertically. The clearer and more well-arranged interface can facilitate users in focusing on the central section to obtain more effective information.
  5. Withdraw Subscription Fee in Full Amount
    Over the past year, FOLLOWME has generated over $571,000 subscription fee for more than 1,000 traders. From May 25, 2020, FOLLOWME officially cancels the 30% service charge of subscription fee, and all traders’ subscription fees will be settled at 100% rate.
  6. New Global Brand Image
    To accelerate our effort in building our global presence, FOLLOWME launched a new and upgraded global brand image in May 2020. This time, FOLLOWME has comprehensively upgraded the brand name, brand logo, and brand profile, further highlighting the technology and community genes. From the perspective of strategy, design, and users, the designers concluded three core points: International, Simple, Social.
  7. Meet FCOIN, Goodbye to FollowCash
    In June, our virtual currency got a new look. Called FCOIN, it is used for subscription fees and redemption of gifts, while the transaction process remains unchanged. There is also a new feature that rewards users who post content in the community with FCOINs.
    Since the pandemic hit us, traditional methods of events have been canceled and everyone has jumped on the zoom bandwagon. In October, we launched our live webinar channel that is aimed at enhancing the knowledge of our users with free trading guides and insights.
    In May, we launched a referral program called FOLLOWSTAR that rewarded users whenever they introduced new clients to the platform. Thanks to our tiered star system, the FOLLOWSTAR commission increases as you rise through the ranks.
  10. FOLLOW Interview
    Mid this year we started interviewing top and unique traders in our community to share their experiences and trading habits. This gave real time insight into the minds and behaviour of our traders, which turned out to be a great sharing experience.

Even with the pandemic lurking, FOLLOWME has continued to improve and offer better services to our users. Next year will see bigger changes as we rise from the ashes of COVID-19 and dance to a different tune. Happy welcoming 2021!

Have a favourite moment from 2020? Let us know in the comments.



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