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1 min readSep 3, 2020

As FOLLOWME continues to improve its current social trading platform for more global users, the latest update was to ensure that users are able to connect with fellow traders, users in their own country.

FOLLOWME introduced 4 different IM groups based on regions, namely Thailand Traders, Indonesian Traders, Malaysian Traders, Vietnamese Traders. These groups were started first as FOLLOWME saw an increase of users from these regions and hence decided to create groups to ensure close interaction and collaboration from these users. Within the groups, users are free to converse in their own language, providing them a more comfortable environment to exchange information.

With increased interest and feedback from FOLLOWME’s users, FOLLOWME has then set up various IM Groups based on interests — trading symbols and user trading statuses.These specific groups are able to provide more specific information on various trading currencies and statuses.

All users within these groups are able to interact with their fellow country traders or users in a comfortable manner. Rest assured that these IM Groups are being monitored to ensure healthy and positive trading conversations amongst all users.

These different IM Groups are also given first hand news on any campaigns or exciting news that FOLLOWME runs, be it a country specific or general campaign for all. This is to show appreciation to loyal FOLLOWME users.

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Followme Social Trading Network

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